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You can book flights through the FLIGHT BOOKING form on the website

Arctic Air

We operate in the Lapland region, offering air transport in the summer, mainly from Sevettijärvi.

We have a wide selection of wilderness destinations in Finnish Lapland. We offer the best options for various flight needs, such as holiday trips, work and business trips, etc.

Our range of services includes several options for fishing, hunting, hiking, canoeing and just enjoying nature. Our professional staff advises and shares information about different options.

With whom would you take a break from everyday life and share unforgettable memories of the beauty of Lapland's wilderness. Or do you want to have a memorable WEDDING in the wilderness of Vätsäri?

PLEASE REMEMBER THE GARBAGE! Fishing stories are the only thing what remains alive on the shores of lakes and rivers. Observant nature walker takes the trash he brings in the nature back to civilization.

You can book flights through the FLIGHT BOOKING form on the website


You get everything you need from us, let's plan your dream vacation together.

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With air transport, the trip to the wilderness destination can be made from loading to flight and unloading in about an hour. By hiking to a certain destination would take 1-3 days in each direction.

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Flight Booking

Season 2024 flights available.
From 6.7, flights will exceptionally be flown by helicopter.
Monday is a statutory holiday, when flights are not available.
Summer flight operations begin when the ice melts in early June.

Flight inquiries primarily by email ( and orders are accepted by filling out the BOOK form.
Confirmation of flights will be sent to e-mail.

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The company does not transport substances that are completely prohibited in air transport and prevents passengers from inadvertently transporting these substances.
When packing the plane, it is easier to pack more items in smaller bags and sheds/empty rucksacks into the plane, because it is usually possible to make a campsite a few tens of meters away from the landing/landing place.
Camping mattresses, sleeping bags and other light space-consuming items separately, because the plane has its own place for them when packing the plane.
All goods and persons are weighed before loading begins and the required documents are prepared.

Read the full regulations here LINK (pdf)

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