Our flights for season 2021 are now available

Fly Lapland Oy

Fly Lapland Oy operates in the Lapland region, offering air transport in summer mainly from Lake Sevettijärvi, but also in winter from Inari as agreed separately.

We have a comprehensive selection of wilderness sites in Finnish Lapland. We offer the best options for travel plans, holiday trips, business and business trips, etc.

There are several options in our selection for fishing, hunting and otherwise just enjoying nature. Our professional staff will advise and share information on different options.

With whom would you take a break from everyday life and go to the Vätsäri wilderness, for example.


If in addition to the air transport you are looking for a lake cruise, snowmobile, husky or reindeer safaris, you have come to the right place. We will provide you with everything needed. Let us design your dream holiday.

For more information, send an email to

We will help you to design your next family holiday or an exotic weekend in Finnish Lapland.

With air transport, the journey to the wilderness destination is folded from loading to flight and unloading in about an hour. To cover the same distance hiking would take 1-3 days.

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Lapland has plenty of waters suitable for canoeing, into which canoes can be transported. You can choose calm and sheltered lake trails as the route for your kayaking trip or test your skills in the white bubbling Näätämö rapids. Maybe you just want to enjoy the peace of untouched nature in the confluence of the Vaijoki River. You can choose your route based on beautiful scenery, fishing opportunities or the challenge of the route. There are options for everyone to make their dreams come true. Air transport increases the freedom to plan a route.

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In the wilderness areas of northern Lapland, you can hike your own trails for days without colliding with other passers-by. There you can enjoy the silence and nature of the wilderness.

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Carnations, better known as iron, belong to our natural fish stock that has settled in our lakes and rivers since the last ice age. It is a slender smooth-lined fish that is easy to distinguish from other salmonids by its pale spots and the white front edge of the stomachs. There are different forms of carp that vary in habitat and spawning grounds, structural features and growth rate.

The grayling gets its name from its large and colorful dorsal fin, which, by waking it, expels its invading speciesmates from its territory. The bigger the fin, the better the warning gets. In addition to the dorsal fin, the best hallmark of grayling is the silvery sides, which often have brownish spots. With larger grains, the spots give the longitudinal striped impression of the side.

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Our flights for season 2021 are now available


We will also offer flight services for the spring season from March 2021 until mid-May, depending on the ice situation.

Summer flight operations will begin after the ice melts in early June. Flight inquiries and orders will be accepted by email. Monday is a statutory weekly holiday with no flights available.

Cancellation policy

Welcome to the flight - Jouni Aslak


The Civil Aviation Authority has issued regulations for the transport of dangerous goods on aircraft. Fly Lapland Oy transports dangerous goods with a transport permit for dangerous goods and a related special permit issued by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Traficom, separately in Finland.

The permit covers the transport of excursion products and survival equipment for the personal use of passengers or pilots in the wilderness areas of Finnish Lapland. The permit also includes the right to transport similar products as cargo to persons or persons in the wilderness.

The company does not carry all substances prohibited in air transport and its measures prevent passengers from inadvertently transporting these substances.

Read the regulations in full from this LINK (pdf)

Pack correctly

The quantities and packaging of flammable liquids, ammunition, etc. are described on the Safety Instructions pages. Link above.

When packing a machine, it is easier to pack several items in smaller bags and under / empty backpacks into the machine, as it is usually possible to make a campsite a few tens of meters from the place of landing.

Camping mattresses, sleeping bags and other light space-consuming items separately, because the machine has its own place for them when packing the machine.

All goods and persons are weighed before loading begins as they are made into the required documents.


Please call or come visit. You can email us around the clock, we will respond within the next business day. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the site.

You can also send us greetings using the form.

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